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It’s not surprising that so many people long to write a book or novel, but their dream never sees the light of day. The ability to scale through and finally finish writing a book is a significant accomplishment for anybody, let alone an experienced writer. It takes a lot of work, focus and determination, which can actually end up being fun!

Would you love to write a book, but are too confused as to how you should go about it?  Or have you already had a go at writing but now find you’re stuck in the process, and unable finish?

Well, this post is the first of two that will answer many nagging questions, you may have. It will also help to equip you with the skills to start and finish writing a book.


Writing a book demands determination, emotional consciousness, faith, empathy, and the ability to bear isolation. You should be able to work tirelessly without depending on praise or feedback. Solitude is necessary to focus on your project. You also need healthy self-esteem to withstand the challenges and to stay on course. Basically what that means is that you must want to write and are willing to make a few sacrifices – but I promise you it will be worth your while.


Beginners, without advice, will often harbour thoughts of how they can successfully overcome the hurdles towards becoming the author of a book or novel. There are many reasons why you may find it difficult to start and finish writing a book or novel. So, let’s have a look at some of them here

Lack of skill: 

One of the reasons why you may hesitate at starting to write maybe because of your lack of experience, never having written before; which is quite normal. Or you feel you’re unable to adequately express your thoughts in the written form. You have a couple of great ideas and imaginations about a story but cannot aptly describe your feelings in words.


Writing a novel is tough with so many distractions along the way. Distractions would always come, so get ready for it. You can’t start your book if you keep entertaining negative thoughts that hinder you from pursuing your dream.

Fear of the unknown:

Fear is a major reason many people never start to write. Are you scared of rejection? Worried sick that the book won’t come out perfect? You’d never know the strength of your ability until you give it a try.


You always push the thoughts to start writing a book to a more convenient time which never comes. So, the circle continues!

What obstacles prevent you from writing a book or novel?

It’s necessary to know the challenges you experience while writing to determine the best ways of overcoming them. Some potential writers fail to finish a book after they start writing. The reasons include the following:

Lack of planning:  Many aspiring authors don’t have any concrete plan on how to write the book they have in mind. There’s no clear-cut idea on where to start and how to finish off. Hence, you’re stuck because the necessary preparations aren’t in place for a flight into the creative world.

Writing a book without a plan can be frustrating, and it often results in endless rewriting just to get things right. Do you have an outline for your book?

Talented and great authors often resort to a roadmap for their next book to avoid unnecessary mistakes. If experienced writers make use of a guideline, then it’s of utmost importance for newbies to have an outline for theirs as well.


Many aspiring authors get lost in the woods and can’t find their way out although they have started writing a book. And when the situation doesn’t improve which is mainly due to their inexperience on how to make progress they give up.


Writer’s block occurs when you fail to prepare and draft an outline of your story.  It’s like being caught in a web because you can’t think of the next step to take in the plot and all your ideas are exhausted.

finish writing a book


If your writing skills aren’t up to the task of creating a novel then it would be practically impossible to write and finish. You need to consistently develop your skills and get a mentor to guide you on the right path. You should also accept constructive criticism or feedback as you practice on blogs, essays, and short stories.

Displaced motivation:

Identify the reasons why you desire to write a book because it’s a long and tedious journey. (But rewarding) Many books don’t get finished as some writers entertain the fear that they may never get published traditionally, so they give up. You need to understand that there are viable alternatives for writers like self-publishing on Amazon and other online platforms.

Poor time-management:

Many novels never get completed because of indiscipline and poor time-management. It’s easy to abandon your writing project for the hope of a better time, but the truth is a better time may never come.

Next time we’ll discuss ‘How to overcome the challenges in writing a book’ 



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CHARACTER-ARC: Fiction Writing

Charterer arcs. what are they


So, what is a character-arc? The simplest way to describe the arc of a character is how your central character changes throughout your story. If your character didn’t change, you’d not a have a story and your character would be as boring as a cardboard cutout.

How a character change is pivotal for a forward going story, and it encourages the reader to want to know more. The usual type of character-arc is when a conventional, everyday person gets a call to action, a problem to solve or a life to save. They usually hesitate at first, not confident they could help, and will often end up refusing to get involved. But, then heigh-ho! A mentor or somebody who understands your character will assist them to understand how vital the call to action is, and that they, and on then, can bring about change – for the good of whoever or what is in trouble.

They either meet all the challenges head-on, through numerous trials and errors eventually or if your story doesn’t have a happy ending they could die to try. Their hero/heroine status is established as they return from the brink of disaster or die to prevent a catastrophe.

Other Character-Arc Changes

Not every story contains adventures with good and bad characters fighting to the death. Depending on your chosen genre your character-arc it’s not just the good characters who change by the end of the story. The antagonist could change by turning their lives around and become a law-abiding citizen. Or their evil intent could intensify causing more damage.  


We should remember not all characters will change. Instead, your protagonist may grow in some way that will change themselves or somebody else’s life.


A shift arc is where the protagonist shifts their opinion or perspective about certain circumstances, problems or a group of people.

The Negative Arc

The main character fails and is doomed to possible death. The character doesn’t have a chance to grow out of their faults. But instead ends up worse off at the end of the story that he was at the beginning. A Negative-arc is crucially a Changed-arc turned upside-down.

How Can You Create a Character-Arc?

You need to decide which character-arc you want to use in your story, and it may be helpful to ask yourself the three following questions:

  1. Who your main character is at the start of the story, and what are they like?
  2. Then you must decide you want your character to end up like at the end of your story?
  3. The most important question is what needs to happen to make the changes happen?

From Start To Finish

Having the knowledge of where the protagonist starts from and where you intend them to be by the resolution of the tale will influence the character arc you choose.

Don’t forget that story arc and the character arc are decisively intertwined. At each plot point in your story arc will help your character either change or grow. And your character’s growth will dictate how they will respond to each new point in the plot. These two facets of writing will work in unison to move the protagonist to the climax of the story.

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