YOUR BOOK-COVER: are books judged by them?


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been on holiday and have had the chance to lie back in the sun and take stock of things. What I’d noticed is that one of my books was not doing particularly well. Disaster! What to do to increase my sales?

Fortunately, there is a great deal of information on the internet from some very experienced people, who’ve been there, done that and probably got the tee-shirt. And what all seem to agree with is – your book-cover can either sell or bomb your books.

Well, I’m not one to shirk a challenge, so, I decided to take that one problem book, follow the expert’s advice and see what happens.


book covers

This is the original book-cover. I paid to have this cover designed, and to be honest, I liked it. So, I was very brave and began to think about whether I should or should not risk changing my book cover.

  • First of all, before deciding on my book-cover’s fate, I rechecked the contents, added a little and removed a little, re-edited and re-proofed.
  • Then I looked at the categories my book was entered in to (you are allowed two categories when publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing) and neither were doing my book any good – so I changed them too.
  • Keywords were my next task; these are deemed by everyone in the marketing industry as crucial and has been one of the areas I struggle with. You’re allowed up to seven keywords with KDP. So I set about doing a little research and found what I think will be better ones for my book – only time will tell.


Finally, all that was left for me to do was to take another, long and critical look at my book-cover. I really didn’t want to change it; I’d got used it, and as mentioned before, I quite liked it.

Deep breath, I made the decision it had to go! I could always revert back it if things didn’t turn out well with a new book-cover – couldn’t I?

But, there was one big problem for me. I’d spent quite a bit of money on book-cover designs and was rather reluctant to spend again and not get any results. Woohoo – Amazon to the rescue. I used their book-cover generator. Not recommended by everyone, but as this is an experiment I was willing to give it a try. Here is the result.

books by Katie


First of all, it cost nothing! Which to me is a bonus if you’re just beginning your writing journey. It was extremely easy to create a cover, although a little restrictive for creativity.

I feel at this stage the new book-cover conveys what I was trying to achieve – happy people!

And the best results of all was a significant increase in the book’s ranking on KDP. I will monitor the sales or non-sales and share with you the results.

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